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Swagatam...to this Eastern Himalayan realm of freshness, peace and euphoria. As the orange-red rays of the waking sun begin to illuminate the world come discover a new you. Remain adrift on a shikhara or sense the calm upon the emerald waters of the lake. Feel the mountain speak, ride the out country and discover solace, or please your ears with the sweetest strain of a songbird. There are those long soothing walks exploring through tumbling lush manicured tea gardens, sleepy villages, thriving orange orchards and flourishing cardamom groves. Amaze at those deep dissected valleys upon which rumble the Rang bhang and the Balason, spot the trouts... more+

Jagjeet’s peek meet Mirik Past

Mirik, a pretty hill station in the district of Darjeeling, West Bengal (India) made its touristic debut in the early seventies when the large swampy stretch teeming with the swamp weed... more+


Perched at an altitude of 5800 ft, Mirik lies 45 km away from Siliguri and boast of the most pleasant summers. Though the winter could get pretty cold it is not prone to snow. During the monsoons this idyll metamorphoses into a lush green beauty.

Wears – Light clothing in the summers with some warm clothes in tow. Warm woollens in the winters. The hill resort can be accessed on road by buses plying from the Tenzing Norgay bus terminus at Siliguri or taxis available at the syndicate adjacent to the Terminus... more+

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Hotel Jagjeet
Krishnanagar, Mirik
Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.


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